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Invited Workshop on
Instrumental Diagnostics of Seismic Response of Bridges and Dams

October 26-27, 2000
Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research Center
University of California, Berkeley

• California Department of Transportation
• California Division of Safety of Dams
• California Strong Motion Instrumentation Program
• California Universities for Research in Earthquake Engineering
• Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District
• Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research Center

Sect. Title Authors
Introduction B.A. Bolt
G.L. Fenves
W.D. Iwan
A.F. Shakal
1. Historical Survey
1.1 Seismic Instrumentation of Bridges and Dams: History and Possibilities B.A. Bolt


Available Instrumental Systems
2.1 Caltrans’ Current State-of-Practice P. Hipley
2.2 Instrument Systems of Major Bridges in Japan K. Tamura
2.3 Utilization of Instrumental Measurements in Diagnostics for Seismic Response A.F. Shakal
2.4 Strong Motion Instruments on California Dams D.A. Gutierrez
2.5 Instrumentation Status of U.S. Bureau of Reclamation J. Ake


Future Operational Systems
3.1 USGS Instrumentation of Bridges and Dams M. Celebi
3.2 Instrumentation Systems for Dynamic Monitoring of Bridges R. L. Nigbor
3.3 Structural Health Monitoring Activities at Los Alamos National Laboratory H. Sohn
C.R. Farrar


Structural Response Aspects
4.1 Analysis of Measured Seismic Response Data of Long-Span Bridges K. Kawashima
4.2 Instrumentation for Assessment of Earthquake Performance of Bridges and Dams G.L. Fenves
4.3 Ground-Structure Interaction Assessment W.-S. Tseng
4.4 Summary of Performance of Modern Bridges in the 1999 Chi-Chi, Taiwan, Earthquake G.L. Fenves
S.A. Mahin



For more information: see COSMOS Publications for the workshop proceedings of this event.

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