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International Workshop for Site Selection, Installation, and Operation of Geotechnical Strong-Motion Arrays

Workshop 2: Guidelines for Installation, Operation, and Data Archiving and Dissemination

May 17-19, 2006
La Jolla, California
- National Science Foundation
- University of California, San Diego

Sect. Title Authors
Introduction Pedro de Alba
Jamison Steidl
Robert L. Nigbor
J. Carl Stepp
1. Guidelines for Geotechnical Strong-Motion Array Site Selection
Site Selection and Installation of Geotechnical Arrays: Gaps in Our Knowledge Pedro de Alba
Inventory of Existing Strong-Motion Geotechnical Arrays Jamison H. Steidl
Spatial Variation of Ground Motion Models for Use in Calculating Seismically Induced Ground Strains Timonty D. Ancheta
Jonathan P. Stewart
Robert L. Nigbor
Engineering and Science Needs for GSMA Sites: An Invited Opinion Paper Steven Kramer


Guidelines for Installation and Long-term Operation of Geotechnical Strong-Motion Arrays
Guidance Needs for GSMA Installation and Operation R. L. Nigbor
Case Histories: Lessons Learned Jamison H. Steidl
Instrument Testing and Evaluation for the Taiwan Strong-Motion Instrumentation Program C.-C. Liu
W. H. K. Lee
C. F. Wu
Strategies for Coordinated Long-Term Operation of Geotechnical Strong-Motion Arrays J. Carl Stepp


Archiving and Dissemination of Geotechnical Strong-Motion Array Recordings and Associated Metadata
COSMOS Strong-Motion Virtual Data Center Melinda Squibb
Ralph Archuleta
Jamison H. Steidl
DIGGS: An XML-Based Interchange Standard for Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Data Daniel Ponti
Marc Hoit
Mike McVay
Mark Styler
Jean Benoit
John Bobbitt
Salvatore Caronna
Roger Chandler
Paul Quinn
Tim Spink
Summary and Recommendations Pedro de Alba
John Bobbitt
Robert L. Nigbor,
Jamison H. Steidl
J. Carl Stepp

For more information: see COSMOS Publications for the workshop proceedings of this event.

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