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Invited Workshop on
Archiving and Web Dissemination of Geotechnical Data

October 4-5, 2001
Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research Center
Richmond, California

- California Department of Transportation
- California Energy Commission
- Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research Center Lifelines Program
- Pacific Gas & Electric Company

Sect. Title Authors
Introduction J. C. Stepp
J. N. Swift
1. Life Cycle Development Case Studies
1.1 A Geotechnical Database to Support Seismic Hazard Mapping C. R. Real
T. Mcguire
1.2 The Federal Highway Administration Deep Foundations Load Test Database C. Ealy
S. Kalavar
R. Satyanarayana
1.3 The ROSRINE Geotechnical Engineering Database and Website R. L. Nigbor
J. N.Swift
J. P. Bardet
J. Hu
1.4 XML Applications for Geotechnical Boreholes J. P. Bardet
J. N. Swift
J. Hu
S. Codet
1.5 USGS Geologic Site Database and Data Acquisition for Stratigraphic Model Development D. J. Ponti
1.6 Distribution of USGS CPT Data via the Web T. L. Holzer
T. C. Noce
M. J. Bennett
S. Haefner
1.7 Geotechnical Data Collection, Storage, and Analysis for the San Francisco-Oakland East Span Seismic Safety Project S. Deshpande
C. B. Dean
M. J. Chacko
1.8 In-Depth Geotechnical Database, Kobe Jibankun, for Seismic Hazard Study Y. Tanaka
T. Okimura
1.9 World Wide Web User Query Interface for the National Geotechnical Experimentation Sites Database R. Satyanarayana
J. Benoît


Dictionary and Data Formatting Standards
2.1 Borehole Data Dictionary, Formatting, and Data Capture Requirements L. L Turner
C. J. Roblee
2.2 Downhole Data Dictionary and Data Formatting Requirements J. Steidl


Information Architecture
3.1 Building a Repository of Distributed, Heterogeneous Scientific Data for NEESgrid J. Futrelle


Data Quality Assessment Criteria
4.1 Quality Assessment Issues with Geotechnical Databases R. L. Nigbor
J. N. Swift
J. Hu


Poster Sessions
5.1 The gEOTECHNICAL INTegrator® Geotechnical Computer Applications S. Caronna
5.2 Management and Analysis of Subsurface Data using EQuIS and gINT S. Weaver


Workshop Findings and Recommendations

Standards for Archive and Web Dissemination of Geotechnical Data

J. C. Stepp,
J. N. Swift
C. J. Roblee
C. R. Real
W. U. Savage

For more information: see COSMOS Publications for the workshop proceedings of this event.

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