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National Geotechnical Management Workshop:
Archiving and WEB Dissemination of Geotechnical Data

June 21-23, 2004
Marriott Newport Beach
Newport Beach, California

U.S. Department of Transportation - Federal Highway Administration

Co-hosted by:
- Consortium of Organizations Strong-Motion Observation Systems (COSMOS)
- Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research Center (PEER)

MONDAY - JUNE 21, 2004
Session 1 : Introduction

1:00 Workshop Overview: Objective, Structure, and Process C. Roblee
T. Lefchik
1:20 COSMOS-PEER Pilot Overview of Web-based Dissemination Systems for Geotechnical Data: A User Perspective L. Turner
J. Swift
J. Benoit

Session 2 : FHWA Assessment of Requirements for a Web Accessible Geotechnical Data System

Introduction and Overview T. Lefchik
2:00 FHWA Survey: An Assessment of a Geotechnical Data System for FHWA and States R. Bachus
3:30 BREAK
3:50 State Geotechnical Data Management System Presentations

TUESDAY - JUNE 22, 2004
8.00 DISCUSSION SESSION - FHWA Survey: An Assessment of a Geotech Data System for FHWA and States

R. Bachus
Session 3 : COSMOS-PEER Lifelines Pilot Web Enabled Geotechnical Data System
9:30 Introduction and Overview C. Roblee
9:45 Baseline practices and user needs for WEB-based dissemination of geotechnical data L. Turner
10:05 Data Dictionary and Formatting Standard for COSMOS Virtual Geotechnical Data Dissemination System J. Benoit
10:30 BREAK
10:50 Demo: COSMOS-PEER Pilot Geotechnical Data System and Databases J. Swift
C. Real
D. Ponti
J. Bobbitt


Session 4 : Currently Deployed Web-enabled Geotechnical Data System and Databases
1:00 California Geological Survey and ROSRINE Web-enabled Geotechnical Databases C. Real
J. Swift
1:40 British Geological Survey GeoData Management and Dissemination System, AGS XML format developments and a GIS-based data recovery system S. Walthall
2:20 The Alaska Engineering Design Information System: A geographical information system web-delivered resource J. Johnson
2:40 BREAK
3:00 Web-based Geotechnical Data Management System C-P. Pak
3:40 Data Dissemination System Development for the NEES - Geotechnical Instrumentation Sites J. Steidl
4:00 Identification of Requirements for a General-use Geotechnical Data System L. Turner
J. Swift

8:00 Topical Discussion Group Meetings
- Technical Issues
- Policy Issues
- Implementation & Management Issues
10:00 BREAK
10:20 Topical Discussion Group Meeting Continue
11:30 LUNCH
1:00 Topical Discussion Group Reporting Out and Discussion
3:15 BREAK
3:30 Final Discussion - Next Actions C. Roblee

For more information: see COSMOS Publications for the workshop proceedings of this event.

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