COSMOS Technical Session

Nov. 17, 2006

Overview R. Bachman
Introductory Comments N. Abrahamson
Example of Wide Dispersion of Results Following Code Procedure J. Watson-Lamprey
ATC-63 Project: Quantification of Building System and Response Parameters C. Kircher, C.B Haselton, G.G. Deierlein
ATC-58: Development of Next-Generation Performance-Based Seismic Design Guidelines Y-N Huang, A. Whittaker, R. Hamburger
Breaking the Uniform Hazard Spectrum into component events: The effect of epsilon on response spectra and structural response J. Baker
PEER Ground Motion Selection & Modification (GMSM) Working Group Y. Bozorgnia
Categorization of Ground Motion Selection and Modification Methods N. Luco
Structural Models used to EvaluateStructural Models used to Evaluate GMSM Methods C. B. Hasleton, A.B. Liel, C. Goulet, F. Zareian, E. Kalkan, T. Yang, C. McQuoid, J.P. Moehle
Evaluation of GMSM Methods: Results J. Watson-Lamprey

Session Information

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