COSMOS: Frequently Asked Questions
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • About Earthquakes:
    • Where can I find out more about earthquakes? Links

  • About Searching the Database:
    • How do I save earthquake parameters as tab-delimited text? Instructions

    • What is the correct format for entering a date? 17-AUG-1999 or 6-feb-2002

    • What kinds of values should I enter into the Response Spectra search fields?
      Ned Field's Attentuation Comparison Applet (External Link, Internet Explorer only)

  • About the data:
    • Where can I find out about the formats the data is found in? Data File Formats

    • Where can I find the tables for the Cosmos Format? COSMOS Data Format Tables

    • When I try to download data, nothing happens. What's going on?
      The COSMOS VDC is a portal to other servers where the data is stored and maintained, usually by the owner of the data. It may be that their server is temporarily down. In one case, the Nisqually data served by the USGS EQ Hazard Team, data may not be accessible through Netscape. If you continue to have problems with retrieving data, please notify the cosmos webmaster.

    • How can I download more than one file at a time?
      You may zip up to 30 files at a time and download the zipped file. For instructions, see:About Zipping Files

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