COSMOS FormatConversion deployment through Java WebStart

COSMOS File Conversion

Warning: The following applications are in beta and COSMOS makes no claims for the accuracy of the files at this time. Please check exported files for accuracy, and please let us know at if you have any problems, have found any errors or would like to suggest any improvements. The COSMOS Tagged format and XML format are IN DEVELOPMENT and may change without notice.

Preparation: These applications are in Java and run via Sun's Web Start technology on your computer. They require Java version 1.5 or greater (also called J2SE 5.0). You can check your version by typing "java -version" at the command line. Java 1.5 can be downloaded for:

  • Solaris, Linux and Windows platforms: download pages here.
  • Mac: Java 1.5 and WebStart are automatically installed on OS X.4 Tiger.
The file you download will be a .jnlp file, which installs the application and on each start-up, queries the home site for updates.

File Splitter (revised 2006-10-27)
Splits unzipped CSMIP DMG format, CSMIP Cosmos v1.2 format and New Zealand GNS format (V1-V3) into one file for each channel and datatype (e.g. processed accleration, velocity, and spectra). The Splitter rewrites the first line of the file in Volume 2 files to indicate the datatype.

Converter (revised 2007-03-01)

  • California Geological Survey (CGS) DMG format files (recent V2 and V3 only at this time), that have been split using the Splitter application above
  • USGS SMC format files
  • New Zealand GNS files that have been split
  • Japan's K-Net and Kik-Net files (unzipped)
  • Cosmos v1.2 text format files that have been split
Exports files as:
  • MatLab m-files
  • Excel files
  • PNG plot files
  • Tagged format (v1.0)
  • Cosmos XML format (v1.0)


COSMOS Text Format v1.2: Reference document (pdf)

COSMOS Tagged Format vVTF.1.0: Reference document (Word) (2007-01-26).

XML Schemas: (revised 2007-02-07)

csmml.xsd (main) COSMOSBriefElements.xsd
COSMOSEvent.xsd COSMOSBaseTypes.xsd
COSMOSGeoLocation.xsd COSMOSStructure.xsd
COSMOSProcessing.xsd COSMOSListTypes.xsd