COSMOS Specific Purpose

The specific purpose of this Corporation is to serve as a consortium through which programs and institutions can work toward urgent improvement in earthquake strong-motion measurements, solve mutual problems with strong-motion instrumentation and data, and assist in the dissemination of strong-motion data.


The purposes of COSMOS are to:

  1. Develop policies and foster innovative ideas for the universal improvement in strong-motion measurements and their applications;
  2. Promote the advancement of strong-motion measurement in densely urbanized areas and other locations of special significance to society likely to be struck by future earthquakes;
  3. Encourage and assist the rapid, convenient, and effective distribution of strong-motion data according to standards of the Consortium of Organizations of Strong-Motion Observation Systems;
  4. Strengthen, expand, and support strong-motion programs;
  5. Serve as a consortium through which programs and institutions can work to solve mutual problems with instrumentation, data quality, data dissemination, and data utilization;
  6. Advance systematic user influence on data acquisition and data dissemination processes; and
  7. Advance and facilitate the use of strong-motion data to achieve improved earthquake resistance of the built environment through research and engineering practice.

For more information on COSMOS objectives, please see the COSMOS Bylaws.