Caswell Sound 2000-11-12 11:49:15.10 UTC

Region:  New Zealand
Latitude:  -45.0600
Longitude:  167.1500
Depth:  15.00 km
Mechanism:  Unknown
Ms:  4.7
Mw:  5.4
ML:  5.5

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Milford Sound, NZ - (EARSS shed) Hypocentral dist: 76.1 km
GNS station 068B
Processing by: GNS
Data Available: corrected acceleration, velocity, displacement, & spectra
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Component: 298 PGA (cm/s/s): 5.85 PGV (cm/s): -0.16 Add this to bin
Component: 208 PGA (cm/s/s): -3.92 PGV (cm/s): 0.11 Add this to bin
Component: Up PGA (cm/s/s): -2.76 PGV (cm/s): 0.08 Add this to bin

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