Northern California 1960-06-06 01:17:49 UTC

Region:  California
Latitude:  40.8170
Longitude:  -124.8830
Mechanism:  Unknown
Seismic Moment:  3.9811e+24
ML:  5.7

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Ferndale, CA - City Hall Epicentral dist: 60.2 km
USGS station 1023 Site Geology: Alluvium
Processing by: USGS Structure: 2-story bldg
Data Available: corrected acceleration, velocity, displacement, & spectra
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Component: 314 PGA (cm/s/s): 57.58 PGV (cm/s): -3.12 Add this to bin
Component: 224 PGA (cm/s/s): 73.58 PGV (cm/s): -3.61 Add this to bin
Component: Up PGA (cm/s/s): -14.43 PGV (cm/s): 1.06 Add this to bin

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