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COSMOS Technical Sessions


2006 COSMOS Technical Session

Evaluation of Methods for the Selection and Modification of Ground Motion Time Histories for Building Code and PBEE Applications

November 17, 2006
8:30 AM – 6:00 PM
Doubletree Hotel
Berkeley, California

Schedule Title Authors
10:00 Welcome and Overview of Session B. Bachman
10:10 Overview of Selection and Scaling Issues N. Abrahamson
10:30 Example of Wide Dispersion of Results following Code Procedure J. Watson-Lamprey
10:45 ATC-63 (The R Factor Project): Selection and Scaling Procedure and What It Is Trying to Achieve

C. Kircher
11:00 Selection and Scaling of Ground Motions per the ATC-58 Procedures R. Hamburger
11:05 ATC-58 (Next Generation PBEE): Selection and Scaling Procedure and What It Is Trying to Achieve A. Whittaker
11:25 Breaking the Uniform Hazard Spectra into Component Scenario Events: the Effect of Epsilon on Structural Response J. Baker
11:45 LUNCH
Noon COSMOS Annual Meeting J. F. Davis
12:45 PEER Ground Motion Selection and Scaling Working Group Y. Bozorgnia,
N. Abrahamson,
J. Watson-Lamprey
C. Haselton
3:00 BREAK
3:15 Panel Discussion B. Bachman, Moderator
4:00 Open Discussion: Audience / Panel Interaction B. Bachman,
4:30 Technical Session Wrap-up N. Abrahamson &
B. Bachman
5:00 Adjourn
5:00 No host cocktail hour + hors d’oeuvres + poster session

COSMOS is a non-profit organization whose goal is to expand and significantly modernize the acquisition and application of strong-motion data in order to increase public safety from earthquakes.

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