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Event Parameters

Event Name Event Date
Event Latitude (between -90 & 90) Event Longitude (between -180 & 180)
Event Depth (km) Seismic Moment (dyne-cm)*
Strike* Dip*
Rake* Mechanism*


Value Type

Region Parameters


Station Parameters

Station Code Agency Number
Location Auxillary Location*
Address* Elevation (m)
Geology Description* Los Angeles Basin Geology*
California Geology* S-wave Velocity Top 30m (m/s)*
Structure Description* Owner station page url*





Station Owner Parameters

Owner Name Owner Acronym
Web site* Contact Person*
Contact E-mail* Parent Agency*
Parent Agency Web Site*

Network Parameters

Network Name* Network Acronym*

Point of Measurement Parameters

Epicentral Distance (km) Hypocentral Distance (km)
Closest Distance to Fault (km)* Azimuth*

Instrument Parameters

Placement* Recorder Type*
Sensor Type* Serial Number*
Latitude (between -90 & 90) Longitude (between -180 & 180)

Accelerogram (Trace) Parameters

Uncorrected Acceleration filename* Corrected Acceleration filename*
Velocity filename* Displacement filename*
Fourier Spectrum filename* Response Spectrum filename*
Component Offset from Vertical (deg) Component Azimuth (deg)
Peak Ground Acceleration (cm/s/s) Peak Ground Velocity (cm/s)*
Response at 0.1s 5% damping (cm/s/s)* Response at 0.3s 5% damping (cm/s/s)*
Response at 1s 5% damping (cm/s/s)* Response at 3s 5% damping (cm/s/s)*

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