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International Workshop for Site Selection, Installation, and Operation of Geotechnical Strong-Motion Arrays

Workshop 1: Inventory of Current and Planned Arrays

October 14-15, 2004
University of Southern California
Los Angeles, California
- National Science Foundation
- Southern California Earthquake Center
- University of Southern California

Sect. Title Authors
1. Introduction J. Carl Stepp
Pedro de Alba
Jamison Steidl
Robert L. Nigbor
2. Inventory of Operating and Planned Geotechnical Monitoring Sites
2.1 CSMIP Instrumented Geotechnical Arrays Anthony F. Shakal
Pat Hipley
Vladimir Graizer
2.2 National Earthquake Engineering Simulation Experimental Arrays Jamison H. Steidl
Robert L. Nigbor
2.3 EURSOSEISTEST and CORSSA Experimental Test Sites in Greece Kyriazis Pitilakis
2.4 Strong-Motion Arrays and Geotechnical Database in Taiwan Kuo-Liang Wen
Chein-Fu Wu
Hung-Hao Hsieh
Che-Min Lin
2.5 The Integrated Surface and Borehole Geotechnical, Strong-Motion, Soil-Response Array in San Francisco, California Roger L. Borcherdt
R. E. Westerlund
C. Dietel
G. Glassmoyer
2.6 Strong-Motion Seismograph Network Operated by NIED: K-NET and KiK-net Shin Aoi
Takashi Kunugi
Hiroyuki Fujiwara
2.7 Vertical Arrays and Deep Wells in the Central and Eastern United States Glenn J. Rix
2.8 Overview of Strong-Motion Instrumental in Mexico Pedro de Alba
Miguel P. Romo
2.9 Treasure Island, California, National Geotechnical Experimentation Site Pedro de Alba
2.10 Seismic Recording Station at Northeastern University, Boston, Massachusetts Mishac K. Yegian
2.11 Hualien Large-Scale Seismic Test Herman L. Graves
2.12 Instrumental Arrays for Monitoring of Liquefaction Behavior T. Leslie Youd
Jamison H. Steidl
Robert L. Nigbor
2.13 ANSS Downhole Arrays at Instrumented Buildings Jamison H. Steidl
Niren Biswas
Paul Davis
W. U. Savage


Opinion Papers and Analysis Results: Geotechnical Strong-Motion Monitoring Needs
3.1 Analysis of CSMIP Strong-Motion Geotechnical Array Recordings Vladimir Graizer
Anthony F. Shakal
3.2 Spatial (Ground Surface) Array Data: Observations and Needs A. Zerva
M. Plasecki
S. Liao
V. Yargici
3.3 Strong-Motion Instrumentation for Coastal Infrastructure: Critical Needs and a Case History Application for Dynamic SFSI Modeling Stephen Dickenson
Matthew J. Donahue
Thomas H. Miller
3.4 Downhole Sensor Arrays and Application in Practice Ahmed Elgamal
Zhaohui Yang
J. Carl Stepp
3.5 A Novel-Shape Acceleration Array and Local Identification of Geotechnical Systems M. Zeghal
T. Abdoun
C. Oskay
3.6 COSMOS-PEER Lifelines Pilot Virtual Geotechnical Data Center Jennifer Swift et al.


Summary of Workshop Discussions and Workshop
Recommendations Pedro de Alba et al.

For more information: see COSMOS Publications for the workshop proceedings of this event.

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