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Meetings & Workshops : COSMOS Technical Sessions

2010 COSMOS Technical Session -

Issues Associated with Applying Conditional Mean Spectra to the Selection and Scaling of Design Ground Motions

November 19, 2010
8:30 AM – 6:00 PM
Clarion Hotel San Francisco Airport
Millbrae, California

The Consortium of Organizations for Strong-Motion Observation Systems (COSMOS) held its Annual Meeting and Technical Session at the Clarion Hotel San Francisco Airport located in Millbrae, California, on Friday, November 19th. This year’s Technical Session was again co-sponsored by the Pacific Earthquake Engineering Center and the California Geological Survey. This Technical Session provided a background on applying conditional mean spectra and issues associated on projects. Also, as special added feature, presentations were made on the measured ground motions from the 2010 Chile and New Zealand Earthquakes.

Schedule Title Authors
7:30 Registration and Continental Breakfast

8:30 Welcome and Overview of Day

B. Bachman
8:40 Conclusions from Previous COSMOS Technical Sessions

N. Abrahamson
Review of Condition Mean Spectra (CMS) and How To Use It
8:50 Review of CMS

J. Baker
9:20 Selection T0 , Decomposing a Uniform Hazard Spectra (UHS) into Multiple CMS and Comparison to the NRC Approach

N. Abrahamson
9:40 Example: Mississippi River Bridge using Multiple CMS

Y. Hashash
10:00 BREAK

Practical Issues for Computing CMS
10:15 Refinements to the Conditional Mean Spectra: Incorporating Multiple Causal Earthquakes and Multiple Ground Motion Prediction Models

T. Lin
10:45 Computing CMS using Multiple Ground Motion Models

N. Gregor
11:05 Assessment and Refinement of CMS

A. Chopra/E. Kalkan
11:35 Discussion on Computing CMS in Practice

11:45 LUNCH

12:15 COSMOS Annual Business Meeting

W. Iwan
1:15 BREAK

Ground Motions from Chile and New Zealand
1:30 2010 Chile Earthquake Ground Motions

M. Celebi
1:50 2010 New Zealand Earthquake Ground Motions and Comparison with Current Ground Motion Models

D. Boore
Conditional Spectra (CS) for Risk Analysis
2:10 Computing CS

L. Al Atik
2:30 Seismic Risk Calculation using CS

J. Baker
2:50 BREAK
Examples of Use of CMS and CS on Projects
3:00 California Dam, Vancouver Tunnel using Multiple CMS

N. Gregor
3:20 Hospital using CMS

N. Abrahamson
Should CMS and/or CS Be Used for Design? What Is Allowed or Should Be Allowed in the IBC?
3:35 Issues with Using CMS for Design

J. Moehle
3:50 Summary of Current Code Requirements for RSA and RHA and How They Could Be Modified to Incorporate CMS

C. Kircher
4:05 Panel Discussion

5:00 Adjourn for Cocktail Hour (No Host)


COSMOS is a non-profit organization whose goal is to expand and significantly modernize the acquisition and application of strong-motion data in order to increase public safety from earthquakes.

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